Our digital life.

This is our digital life.

It is full of noise. But anyways, we try to find something out of this noise. Behind every text message, behind every voice note, behind every selfie we take and every nude we send, what we look for is interaction with people. To soothe ourselves. We go through the noise to find them, but in the end, we just get a digital representation of the person.

And this noise, is always coming back. We think we go through it with a purpose, but it is just random moves. But we go on, because sometimes, that is all we can get from a person. And other times, that is all we want to get from a person.

You can test this piece of digital interaction it in and Github pages


This piece of digital interaction was inspired by, and submitted to the following game jams:

A game jam for maikng calming, healing, soothing, relaxing games.

A game jam encouraging the production of digital garbage products.

How is it made?

Developed using Construct2, and hosted in github pages.